9 Blogs About Emergency Rooms Worth Reading

The Emergency Room (ER) also known as the Emergency Department (ED) or Casualty Department is that section of the hospital which provides initial treatment for a large number of illnesses and conditions; as the name suggests the ER often has to handle life-threatening cases that require immediate attention. As against other hospital divisions, staff in emergency rooms is expected to be prepared to work with minimal patient history, make accurate diagnosis and have quick response times for a given situation.

Emergency rooms across the world serve as excellent training grounds for budding doctors.

Here are nine blogs on emergency rooms that are worth reading –

1. Illinois Medical Malpractice Blog – A blog that acts as one of the levers of accountability for emergency rooms across America. It covers incidents of medical negligence, mistakes, and errors that can happen in emergency rooms. Readers can take hope from the successful steps that victims have taken to gain compensation and reclaim their lives.

2. Receiving Intern Report – An educational resource maintained by emergency doctors working hard to handle ER cases in Detroit. The posts cover real cases that are discussed in great detail and are open to comment. An old and established blog, it is probably the best resource for educational information stemming from actual cases.

3. Madness – Humor, melancholy, satire, love, warmth, and musings. An amalgam of emotions bound to set you thinking and trigger musings on life. The blog tagline is “the adventures of a veteran nurse in an inner city ER” and the writings are just that. Makes you feel that an ER is a perfect microcosm of the world. Training there should prepare you for almost anything.

4. Ten out of Ten – The ER doc that writes the pieces here uses a smart tone and sharp wit to describe what life dishes out to him and the people he encounters in the emergency wards. It appears as if guys working in the emergency wards are driven by an unseen force to chronicle their experiences, warn the world, educate folks, do their bit to improve medical practice and this doc does a great job of it. One of the very best blogs on ER.

5. Movin’ Meat – Words from a doctor, can we call him Dr. Meat? The doctor is apparently a deep thinker concerned with the healthcare reform process and I guess a republican at heart. The posts carry detailed analyses of patient cases that the doctor has evidently encountered; though effort is made to respect patient privacy and comply with HIPAA laws at all times.

6. ER Stories – As the writer puts it in his own words, the blog is “dedicated to those who revel in the weird, crazy, sad, and fast paced world of the Emergency Room”. For sure, working in the ER has to be an adrenalin releasing addiction because doctors actually seem to revel in it and they just can’t wait to share their experiences out there. There are few jobs out there that can make a philosopher out of men; doing time in the Emergency Room seems to be one of them. This one is a nice short post.

7. Grunt Doc – A brave doc – brave enough to give his first name. It’s Allen. Allen is a graduate from the University of Texas. The posts are his own thoughts and experiences plus snippets and links to good posts from around the web.

8. M.D.O.D. – Random thoughts from a number of physicians. Words penned in the hope of providing an enjoyable read. An interesting post here, one that nicely explains the enormous damage blunt trauma can cause.

9. Weird Nursing Tales – Weird and witty. Again, one of those blogs where the writer succeeds wonderfully in bringing to us “a form of entertainment unbeknownst to the outside world”.

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