Scholarships and College Grants for Nurse Practitioners and MSN Students

Nurse practitioners and MSN students can avail financial aid from a number of sources. There are many organizations in America that fund students undertaking advanced nursing courses.

The most ubiquitous source is the federal government which offers various scholarships and grants to nursing students pursuing different nursing degree courses. Professional associations are a good source of valuable money for education. The ACNP Nurse Practitioner Student Scholarship offered by the American College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) is given to one student every year and carries a $1000 award. The Joan German Scholarship Fund at the Northeast Ohio Nurse Practitioners offers an annual award of $750 to deserving NP students. You may qualify for quite a few scholarships and grants; it is up to you to pick the ones that are going to serve your interests the best. For example, some scholarships or grants may require that you spend some time working in an underserved area and some may require membership in the organization. It pays to have a good record in extracurricular activities as it gives you an edge over the competition.

The college financial aid department is the best place to look for information on scholarships and grants for nurse practitioners and MSN students; because these are advanced nursing courses and various specializations exist you have to be aware of the paths available to you. You need to choose your specialization based on your capabilities and future career growth prospects. Getting someone to counsel you on these matters will enable you to make an informed decision on the best scholarship options for you.

The Foundation for Neonatal Research and Education offers scholarships to working neonatal nurses pursuing a BSN or MSN degree with focus on neonatal nursing.

The Nursing Education Loan/Scholarship Masters (NELM) program is meant to encourage nurses in Mississippi pursue advanced nursing degrees and work to alleviate the shortage of nurses in the state.

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